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Complete Milk Processing Plant, Alfa Laval/Tetra Pak, MKT Equipment
(Ref. No.: C 1906 017)
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  • Tanks
    • 2 cheese milk tanks with agitator, single-walled 15.000 l
    • Raw milk tank with agitator, jacketed, 60.000 l
    • Skim milk tank with agitator, jacketed, 70.000 l
    • Skim milk tank with agitator, jacketed, 100.000 l
    • 2 Milk concentrate tank, with agitator, jacketed, 25.000 l each
    • 2 tanks, with agitator, jacketed, 25.000 l each
    • Exhaust vapor tank, 30.000 l
    • Whey tank, 10.000 l
    • Neutralisation tank, 5.000 l
    • 2x whiped cream tanks with agitator, jacketed, 200 l
  • Pasteuriser line
    • Make: Tetra Pak / Alfa Laval
    • YOM 2001
    • Capacity: up to 22.000 l/h
    • Separator: Alfa Laval MRPX 714 with tools, base plate and Centri Control Simatic OP 27
    • Milk Pasteuriser: Tetra Plex C8-SR
    • Cream Pasteuriser: Tetra Plex C6-SR
    • PLC Pasteuriser: Siemens S7
    • All necessary pumps and valves inlcuded
  • Evaporator
    • Make: MKT Finland
    • YOM: 1986
    • Capacity: 9.000 l/h intake
    • Working principle: MVR
    • PILLER compressor
    • ENDRESS HAUSER meters
    • SAMSON steam valves
    • Evaporator CIP
    • 6 FRISTAM product pumps
  • Lactic starter unit by TVG/Tetra Pak
  • Tetra Pak CIP plant
    • YOM 2001
    • All Pumps and valves included
  • Ice water production unit

This is a mid-size milk processing factory that is for sale due to the closure of the whole site. In this dairy milk was first skimmed and pasteurised and afterwards, it was concentrated with an MVR evaporator or further used to produce acid curd cheese. The capacity of the milk processing was approx. 20.000 l/h. A daily milk amount of up to 120.000 l could be processed with the available equipment. The overall condition of the equipment is fair to very good. For further information please contact us and we answer all your questions ASAP.

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