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Unifill TF02/EP-300 Processed Cheese Filling and Packaging Line
(Ref. No.: SP 2102 012)
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  • Manufacturer: Unifill Italy
  • Type: TF02/EP-300
  • YOM 2016
  • Capacity: up to 35 cycles / min
  • Filling range: 1 - 250 ml
  • Packaging: peelable plastic portion
  • Cooling tunnel included
  • X-Ray device included
  • Mesh bag packaging unit
    • Manufacturer: Gekupack Germany
    • Type: GKV 5500
    • Bj. 2016

This is a thermoforming and filling line adjusted for processed cheese. This line includes a Unifill thermoforming and filling machine that forms processed cheese portions in peelable (plastic) packs. After filling the processed cheese into the portions they run through a cooling tunnel and a X-ray scanner. Finally six portions are packaged in bag by two mesh bag packaging machines made by Gekupack. The number of portions packed into the mesh bags can be adjusted.

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