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Full Aseptic Filling Line for Soft Drinks
(Ref. No.: F2301072)
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  • Capacity: ~2500 bph
  • Bottle:
    • Sizes: 0,2L - 1,5L PET Bottle (current bottles size: 0,5L)
    • Closure: 28 PCO 1810 (1881 is also possible with small technical conversion)
  • Line includes the following equipment:
    • Semi-automatic PET bottle blowing machine Capacity: 1000 BPH
    • Water Treatment System
    • Buffer tank, 2550 liters, stainless steel: aisi 316L
    • 2x 250 liter, stainless steel cooking pots
    • 2550 liters mixing tank
    • 80 liter, stainless steel, liquid filter
    • 2550 liters, product buffer tank
    • Fully automatic UHT plate sterilizer (main equipments: 3 pieces Alfa Laval heat exchangers, Galletti liquid cooler, electric thermo oil boiler)
    • Fully Automatic Aseptic rinsing, filling, capping unit, Monoblock
    • Capped bottle rinsing equipment with RO water
    • Bottle drying system with air knives
    • Cap control system with automatic sorter
    • Fully automatic bottle sleeving machine
    • Fully automatic shrink wrapping machine with heat tunnel

In its current state, the line is suitable for the preservative-free production and bottling of all kinds of heat-treatable, non-carbonated soft drinks, e.g. vitamin drinks, filtered/low-fiber juices, tea-based drinks (brewed from real leaves), plant-based milks/drinks, etc.
The production line is a compact, fully equipped system, from bottle-blowing to water treatment to shrink wrapping, all production stations are integrated in the line.
The entire production line is a coordinated system, made of stainless steel (316L), which can be cleaned with a built-in CIP system. Apart from its main elements, it is completely individually designed and controlled by PLC.

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