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(SOLD) CMT / NELLES Mozzarella Production Line, Capacity: 1.200 kg/h
(Ref. No.: C 1912 020)
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  • Capacity: 1.200 kg/h
  • Line No. 1 made by NELLES consisting of:
    • Stretcher
    • Forming carousel
    • Conveyor from forming machine to brining tank
    • YOM: 1990
  • Line No. 2 made by CMT consisting of:
    • Stretcher
    • Forming carousel
    • YOM: 1986
  • Brining tank
    • Make: Ten Brink
    • YOM: 2009
    • Discharge conveyor
    • transverse conveyors to packaging machine
    • Measurements (in cm): 2600 x 800
  • Mozzarella formats (in gr.): 250, 500, 1000, 1000 (rectangle), 5000
  • Optional: Multivac R140 mozzarella packaging machine
  • Optional: CIP unit

The shredded cheese is sent to one of the two stretchers via an air conveyor. In the stretcher the cheese is heated under whey and at the same time a homogeneous mass is produced. The homogeneous cheese mass is then conveyed under pressure to the molding machine. There the cheese is formed and cooled. When the cheese has hardened, it leaves the molding machine and is fed into the bining bath. In the end, the packaging of the finished product is done using a Multivac.

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