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By: me-trading

November 9, 2018

That’s why a Used Machinery Dealer needs a Blog
Dear Reader,
Dear Business Partner,
like we’ve already mentioned in our very first post, we’ve struggled with the question of whether launching a blog for a business like M&E Trading would be useful. As a matter of fact, hosting a blog is very time-consuming. You constantly have to come up with new ideas about what to write, ideas that wake the interest of people to regularly visit your blog. And on top of that, there is the actual writing of the articles! Indeed a hughe workload.
You can use our considerations as an inspiration for yourself, whether starting a blog for your business is useful or not. I’d like to anticipate that it is always a great idea to host a blog even when you can’t expect any revenue from it. In other words: even if your blog is not business related there are tons of benefits to having one. But in this article, I will only talk about the benefits of business related blogs.
The following tips are not meant to be of exhaustive nature. We just want to show you the factors that were the most decisive for us to start this project.
Promote Creativity in your Team
Writing blog posts is an awesome activity once you have started. For you and your employees. We have even come to the conclusion that as many employees as possible should be involved in this project. The reason is quite simple: Writing blog posts promotes creative thinking. The creativity you and your employees gain from writing can be then used in regular work to create great things. Further, it is a good opportunity to integrate diversification into the daily business routine.
Blogs promote the SEO of your Website. That is why writing business-related articles are essential for your visibility on search engines. Research for what is new in your branch. Are there any innovations or developments which are of high interest for your target group respectively your potential customer? If yes find a way to write an attractive article about it. Keep in mind to incorporate crucial keywords into your article, used by your audience to find your product or service with Google.
It is really important that you write unique, high-quality articles and don’t just create a compilation of interesting text passages from articles of other authors. Further, you should not write random nonsense for the sake of SEO purposes. Googles algorithm will detect such black-hat practices and punish you severely.
Backlinks are the key factor concerning SEO and blogs are the perfect opportunity to accommodate them. Writing good articles can result in you writing guest articles on foreign blogs. This gives you the chance to place a backlink that refers to your site. Depending on the popularity of the site (rated on the basis of backlinks referring to this website) you can improve your Google ranking considerably.
Promote Customer Loyalty
Give the visitors of your website/blog valuable content, content which they feel adds value to their lives. Achieving that you can be sure to have regular visitors which are likely to bring conversion or who turn into promising contacts. However, it is crucial to delivering high-quality content and not just a standard 150 words text which was only written to publish the obligatory weekly blog article. People will quickly realize your lack of passion and consider your blog as irrelevant.
Hosting a blog can be a great way for your networking activities. Look through your business partners list/LinkedIn contacts. Is there anyone who is a specialist on his field or someone who has a great business story to tell? Ask them to write a guest article for your blog. This is a real win-win situation. For you because you have high-quality content. And for your business partner because he can advertise for himself as a specialist, his product or his business.
Maybe the person you asked to write a guest article on your blog will in return ask you to write one for them too. And again you receive a chance to place a quality backlink.
Let’s interact
We’re curious about your point of view!
  • What are the most important arguments to have a blog for you?
  • Do you agree with our view of the advantages of blogs?
Thank you for processing this article!
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It would mean a lot to us. 🙂
Yours Truly,
The M&E Trading Team
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