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By: me-trading

November 9, 2018

The Launch of our Blog! Or: Our new little Tree
Ladies and Gentleman,
dear Business Partner,
Today, on the 11.24.2015, M&E Trading can proudly announce the launch of its brand new blog!
In our blog we will be writing articles about machinery, management, business in general and of course our own company. Our articles should inform potential business partners about relevant topics concerning the used (dairy) machinery industry as wells as about interesting insights about our views on leadership and daily business.
Of course the question, whether a blog for a company like M&E Trading is useful and necessary is in fact justified. We have also dealt with this questions (for weeks) before making a concrete decision. But about the reasons why we decided to launch this blog, we will talk in another article. So definitely stay tuned :-).
Unfortunately we will (for now) only write articles in english language. Because nowadays, in this globalized world, most people are familiar with the english language and translating every article in several languages like German and Russian is just a workload hard to handle. I hope that you will like to read this blog even though English is not your first language, it’s neither ours.
To maybe to raise your interest, I will deliver some examples for future blog post we are planning to create for you:
One thing that we will come up with will be vlogs or reports about current business trips and what we experience during those “adventures”.
Another thing will be updates about machinery and equipment we procure and offer to you. That means constant updates about separators, pasteurizer plants, milk evaporators and many other dairy machinery.
Further we are planning to creat articles about topics like leadership, sales strategies and management essentials. Call them articles to inspire you if you want.
We will give our best to deliver interesting, high quality content, in order to win you as a regular visitor of our blog.
We consider our Blog a small tree. Today we decided to plant this tree. Please help us to raise this tree with your support.
Thanks and see you soon!
Yours truly,
The M&E Trading Team


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