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By: me-trading

November 12, 2018

2 Great Tips To Produce More Energy Efficient
Do you regularly audit on the energy efficiency of your production facilities? If your answer this question with “NO!” then I recommend you the following two tips as an initial impetus to improve your energy efficiency.


Auditing is an essential activity to improve processes and operations within a company. Usually there are predefined dates on which an audit is made for a specific process, department and so forth.


However in a dairy there are events which make it necessary to execute on additional audits. On its processing insights, Tetra Pak has presented two small case studies (see here and here) which show good examples on when to start an in depth examination of your processes.


First Tip: Optimize Your Homogenizer


Optimizing respectively adjusting a homogenizer should always be beared in mind, especially when you change from one product to another. While for one product your homogenizer has to work with the highest pressure it can generate, for another product the pressure can be reduced by 1/3 without losing product quality.


In Tetra Pak’s case study an adjustment (by using a special homogenizing device) saved the concerning company 260.000 kWh per year. Now take the costs for 1 kWh at your location and do the math. I guess the the figures speak for themselves.


Second Tip: Optimize Your CIP Process


The second tip concerns the effeciency of CIP processes. Of course each CIP takes only a few hours to execute and therefore the energy consumption is considerably lower than of the actual daily production. However regarding the usual annual energy costs for CIP one quickly recognizes that this process demands a considerable amount of money as well.


A great way of reducing energy cost while CIP, reveals another Tetra Pak case study, where the seperators in a dairy were reprogrammed for the CIP process. After this step the rotation speed of the separator(s) while cleaning was reduced. As a result energy costs decreased by about 10 %. 


Great Side Effects


There are several great side effects of optimizing your energy balance:
  • your company has a positive impact on the environment which can be used for public relations
  • you can reduce wear and tear of your machinery
  • as a result of less wear and tear you achieve longer service intervals


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