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Besides purchasing and selling used machinery and equipment, M&E Trading is offering
diverse further services to their customers, in order to guarantee a smooth running
and satisfying business processing.

  • Dismantling / Installation

    We are always ready to execute dismantling and installation work for you. For this kind of work we only use specially trained personnel from the mechanical engineering and loading business. That way we secure a proper assembly and commisioning of your machines.

  • Refurbishment

    M&E Trading generally sells its machinery and equipment ex works, respectively ex stock. If our customer desires we can ensure that the machines are given a general overhaul. In this case all parts of the machine, affected by wearing will be replaced with brand new spare parts. For this work we only choose specialised engineers and technicians. Choosing this option, our customers further profit from a guarantee of up to 1 year.

  • Transportation

    If you buy machinery from us we are glad to organise the transport for you, if you like. This applies for the transport within the European Union as well as for the export out of the community territory. In this connection we strive for efficient solutions by choosing the right transport service providers and by using foreign trade advantages.


Do you have any further questions concerning our services or would you like to submit an enquiry? Well, then we would like to invite you to contact us either via telephone (+49 5371895108), our contact form or e-mail ( It is our pleasure to help you.

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