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What does M&E Trading do?

We are your partner for used and overhauled dairy equipment.
Which means, we sell both used machines in condition "as seen", as well as partially or fully refurbished, depending on the customer’s request. In doing so, we think globally, so that we now count dozens of dairy companies in more than 16 different countries around the world among our satisfied customers.

Who is behind M&E Trading?

Vitali Weidner is the founder and managing director of M&E Trading Weidner e.K.
He started the company in 2002 as a trade company in used food and agricultural machinery. Over the years, however, he has become increasingly specialized in the field of milk processing equipment, so that today we almost exclusively focus on the trade in dairy equipment.
Since 2015, Vitali Weidner's son, Anton Weidner, joined the company and since then has been head of the Digital, Marketing, and Sales.

What does M&E Trading stand for?

Our approach is 100% customer-centric. Our actions are therefore completely focused on you, our customers, so that you can count on us to meet your wishes for the highest quality standards and impeccable reliability.

Does M&E Trading overhaul any machine?

We do not overhaul all machinery and equipment operated in the dairy industry. Since we place the highest value on quality work, we only overhaul those machines for which we can guarantee you the best results. That's why we mainly deal with overhauling separators.

Does M&E Trading give a guarantee on sold machines?

It depends. If the customer desires the delivery of a (partially) overhauled machine, we grant a guarantee between 3 and 6 months. If the case where we deliver a machine "bought as seen", we cannot give a guarantee due to the increased risk, even if the machine is in perfect condition.

Can M&E Trading disassemble machines and reinstall or commission them in my factory?

We generally offer this service and have already done such projects for entire production facilities. Only in certain cases where we cannot guarantee 100% clean work will we deny such requests.

Are there any references that M&E Trading can show?

We now have satisfied customers in more than 16 countries! For example, our customers are located in Belarus, Russia, Netherlands, Greece, USA, Germany, Portugal, Jordan and many more. You are welcome to contact us and we will provide you with appropriate references.

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