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November 12, 2018

Visiting A Major German Ice Manufacturer


On the 25.02.2016 Vitali and I have arranged a meeting with a major ice cream manufacturer in Germany. As this manufacturer had several machines and whole lines for sale he invited us to his production site to inspect the machinery. On top of that, there was an unfortunate incident while our visit.

The Journey


The named manufacturer has invited us to his production site in the north of Germany at 9 o’ clock. For us this meant to depart early at 5:30 o’clock in the morning because from our office in Gifhorn (Germany) we would have to drive at least three hours. Considering that the rush hour could affect us coming through unhindered, we thought it would be a good idea to calculate an extra half an hour into our travel time.
Fortunately, there have not been any traffic jams or other disruptions along our way, so we authorized ourselves to drink a coffee along with some pastries near the manufactury where we headed.


Inspecting The Machines 


Arrived at the manufacture, we met with the Used Machinery Manager of the company and he led us through the whole site where we inspected all the machinery which are for sale. What is important for me to mention, is that our “guide” was a very pleasant person. We had some quite interesting and humorous conversations. Best regards to our guide at this point :-).
We got to see many different machines and plants for the ice cream production and most of them will be soon offered on our Website. Here are some examples of what we got to see:


  • Diverse continuous Tetra Pak Freezers
  • Spiral freezers for different products
  • A chocolate bar ice cutting line with integrated spiral freezer
  • Sandwich ice production line
  • Compressors
and many more.
Of most of the machines and production lines, we have made detailed footage which we will publish on our Youtube Channel and in our Product Catalogue in form of invitations to tenders. If you want a sneak peek of what we will have to offer in near future concerning ice cream machinery, watch the following video:


Unfortunate Incident


Unfortunately while our visit, we experienced a bad incident. The following happened:
While we were walking to the next machine we wanted to have a look at, we passed through a hall full of milk storage tanks. In this hall, however, there have already been mechanics who have started to dismantle some of the tanks. Everyone who has been in such a hall knows the number of pipings which have to be disconnected from the tanks.
Now as we passed by one of the tanks which have been dismantled, a mechanic was about to disconnect a stainless steel pipe, somehow lost hold of it so that it then fell and unfortunately hit Vitali’s head and my shoulder. Luckily I duck away otherwise I probably would have been hit on the head too.
Miraculously Vitali was not injured seriously and after a short moment of disorientation, he could go on walking. So to speak we were fortunate in an unfortunate moment.


Bottom Line


Despite the (little) accident that happened in the tank hall, we had a really nice visit with many and especially valuable impressions. We are now processing all the information and footage we have gathered so that in the next few you can expect our updated website-offer including ice cream machinery.

Thank you for processing this article! 🙂

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The M&E Trading Team


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